Multi days, road trips

A roadtrip is an adventure, which one will be yours ?

Alps summits tour : 5 days, 5 summits ! the best of the peek in the alps, glaciers, amazing vieu, incredible cable cars, typical mountain trains, 100% fresh air.
Swiss cities postcard tour : Discover essential Swiss cities and mesmerizing mountain landscapes during your Swiss Cities Postcard Road Trip.
Swiss watch tour : Watchmaking and clockmaking lovers, this Swiss watch tour is for you ! the best of shopping in Switzerland
Create your à la carte road route, from 1 to 4 days
From Zurich to Montreux : Make of this Zurich to Montreux road trip anything you like. From a few hours for a luxury transfer from Zurich  with a few short stops on the way.
Geneva lake : One day or 2 to discover the tour of Geneva lake with shorts stops as yours wishes. 

lac de geneve

Go on a spectacular train ride from Zermatt up to Gornergrat where you can enjoy magnificent views over the most famous peaks of the Swiss Alps

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